Welcome to Midnite Energies


Life is meant to be savored and shared; moments of pleasure.

 I’ve always been someone with a depth of character and variety of interests where getting to know me opens up worlds of not only comparable interests and conversations, but sensual and passionate exploration; I enjoy meeting, connecting and sharing pleasures. Pleasure can be found anywhere if you are open to looking.

Authentically a positive person, it weaves through my daily life. Eyes that naturally smile and frequently dance with mischief, tease and desire. The power of touch, not only entices and arouses but also heals. Touch is stimulating whether giving or receiving and I’ve been told energy radiates from my fingers. When our lips and bodies connect, you can feel the sensual flow of desire; I adore kissing and the sharing of oral pleasure.

My creativity flows through writing erotica, watching home improvement shows, blogging and indulging my eclectic tastes in buying erotic art, funky lighting and whimsy that make me smile. When I invite you into my space, you are stepping into my energy and I embrace you with it.

Escaping from reality means losing myself in a fantasy show or novel, breathing in the ocean, sharing a great conversation or diving into the world of music either recorded or live. Music will always be a big part of our erotic escape, hand picked for its ability to create a rhythm inside my body.

Moments with me will be about sharing intimacy with no complications, compassion and caring that fits within your life & limits and a connection leading to an exploration of the senses. A GFE with a PSE twist to indulge & enjoy when you need to step outside your reality for a little while.

My name is Midnite,
a full figured Halifax Escort and a bodacious sensualist.

My desire is to please you, taking my time to arouse and enjoy. To feed off our created erotic energy, meet your needs and explore your desires. Come closer and discover what I have to offer.

Halifax Escort & Bodacious Sensualist

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